Stop right now if your supply water is showing these critical signs

The contaminated water is directly responsible for certain critical health effects including nausea, diarrhea, cramps, and so on. If you are not using the help of Water supply companies in UAE and relying solely on the plain supply water in your neighborhood, you need to see these critical signs in the water.

Murky Water

If the water coming out of the taps is cloudy in color, then it is not safe for consumption. It is natural for water to feature a small number of organic minerals, however, if the color has become cloudy, it indicates a serious presence of damaging ingredients.

Stinky water

If you notice a stench coming out of the drinking water, it means it is not safe for consumption. Water likely has a presence of high levels of chlorine. Chlorine is often added by water supply companies to sanitize water pools or tanks and to kill the bacteria, however, if they use it beyond the safe limit, it could potentially cause danger to humans. Moreover, if you notice a strong smell like rotten eggs from the water, it indicates the presence of a considerable amount of sulfur.

Discolored water

If your tap water has a tint to it, especially orangish or brownish, your water is not safe for consumption. It usually happens when the supplying lines are not cleaned thoroughly and water carries dirt with it. Or, worse the water supply line is carrying the water from sewage lines as well due to broken lines.

Oil Film

You need to stop consuming water if you notice an oily film formed at the surface of the standing water or around the sink or bathtub. It happens when grease or oil makes its way into the drainage system or water pipelines.

Change in Taste

If you feel none of the above, but notice a change in the taste of water such as a metallic or bitter taste, stop consuming it immediately. It is one of the major signs of contamination and should be addressed on priority.

Change in Water Pressure

The sudden or gradual decrease in the water pressure is often considered a sign of dirt particles that are clogging the drainage. If the water pressure is reduced or reduced gradually, call a plumber to get it checked. Poor water quality is a treatable issue that can be handled by either revamping your drainage system or improving the water supply system. You can also take the help of water supplier companies to get safe drinking water. We are a leading Sweet water supplier Dubai supplying clean drinkable water to many households and commercial entities in Dubai.